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I am using a Custom Table to put two radio button grids side by side. Everything is working fine, but I cannot get the columns to be even widths. Anyone have any CSS tricks to do this?

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    Unfortunately there is not an easy way to do this.  The coding for the tables is set to adjust the width of the table cells to fit eac cell’s content. Each of the radio buttons in the grid occupies a cell, so you would have to rewrite the code for every one of those cells. And overriding the table’s ability to adjust could lead to problems when the survey adapts for different devices.

    I would advise you to leave the spacing alone.  From a user experience point of view, your respondents will be happier to deal with a more compact interface. 

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      While Jim is correct that it is safest and will provide the most consistent appearance to leave the column widths alone, you can add CSS to even the columns widths

      If you give the question a CSS class name on its layout tab of: col-width-even

      You could add CSS that says:

      .col-width-even td { width:10%; }

      You might want to change the width from 10% to something different depending on the question layout. 

      You can generally assume that Desktop and Laptop users will see the survey at its full default width. If they narrow their browser window enough, the columns’ width will change and might make your question look less nice than it would have without the CSS change. Even then, it should still be readable and usable.

      This change won’t affect Mobile users. 


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        I wonder how to make this more visually appealing. I would assume in this case it would be making the column widths equal but it sounds like you cannot do that within SurveyGizmo. Any suggestions?

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