[Solved] How to load SurveyGizmo’s default translation for Arabic, for things other than questions?



TL;DR – my goal is to have the standard Arabic strings for survey messages, instead of having to manually translate them all on our end. How can I do that?


Full story – I copied over a Hebrew survey and edited it to create an Arabic survey. However, no matter how I add “Arabic” in Text & Translations, I get the Hebrew texts for everything, including “Messages”, “Save and continue” and “Reports”. I’m trying to load SurveyGizmo’s default Arabic translation for those strings, but had no success; even opening a new survey with Arabic as default doesn’t give the Arabic translation (I thought I could export them fron a new survey & import them back to this one).

I was sure such a default translation already exists for Arabic… am I wrong? Is there a way to do this – through the interface, or maybe someone is already maintaining a translation file for import somewhere?




Dror asked

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    Hey Dror – What I’d do is translate the messages once and then reuse them for each new survey. Here’s an article on that:


    Just in case – SG does not provide any translations by default. You’ll have to create those translations.

    I hope that helps!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered
      • Hi Lizzy, thanks – I got the reuse part, but I assumed SurveyGizmo did have a default translation, and if not that someone had already done one… It seems such a shame that thousands of people (or more) redo this same work every time.

        Thanks for letting me know for sure!



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