[Solved] How to limited the number of workshop (bookings) places available within a form.


I have a conference that has a number of workshops that can be selected. These have limited places, once the limit has been reached I need to for to show that this workshop is fully booked. How can I do this?

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    Hi Bill,

    One feature that can help you is setting answer option limits.


    I have used this for your same situation with great luck.

    You can set this style features to the whole survey as well, but it sounds like the answer option limit will do it for you, if you are interested check out:


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      • Thanks for the fast response.

        I am a little worried about the comment in the instructions that states:
        2. There is a possibility of going over limit


      The only chance I’ve had of that is when people are submitting the survey at the same time. To make sure I don’t have any issues I bring my quota/limit down a couple to be safe.


      Other then that, I’ve had great success when we did a company wide webinar with 50 slots available per session.

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