How to keep embedded HTML from survey gizmo from crashing the page


When I copy and paste the HTML code from the “share” tab on survey gizmo into my site, that page will no longer function. I tried removing all the unnecessary elements (html tags, head tags, and body tags, because my page already has those) and it still didn’t work. 

We are currently using the iframe and javascript embedded code from survey gizmo, but want more control over the styling of the survey, so we want to move to the html and be able to edit all of the styles. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Parker Green asked
    • Can you explain exactly what HTML code you are copying? And what are you trying to achieve by pasting it into another site?

    • Yeah no problem. I am getting the HTML code from the “Share” section of my survey on surveygizmo. It is the HTML code they give you to embed your survey in a site. You can use iframe, javascript, or HTML and I am trying to use the HTML code. I want to be able to take that code and post it into my site and have the survey appear. The reason I want to use the HTML code rather than the iframe or javascript is because I want to be able to edit the CSS of the survey (which is written in the header of the HTML code survey gizmo gives you). Does that make sense?


    The EMBED HTML code only includes the first page of the survey.  It then attempts to connect to the actual survey at for the remainder of the survey.  See the documentation for details –  –


    You might want to experiment with using the JavaScript embed (without theme styles) –

    Jim Wetherill answered
      • Ok, ok. Thank you. If I embed the JavaScript without the theme styles, what degree of control will I have over the appearance of the survey on the page? That is the main issue right now. I want to give the survey a different feel than surveygizmo is giving it, but so far in using the javascript and iframe embeds I haven’t been able to edit much of the surveys appearance.

      • I am not sure what degree of control you will have. When we went down this path we kept encountering security problems, so we ended just posting a link to the survey on our webpage. We then used a redirect at the end of the survey to bring the respondents back to our site.
        A lot of our clients work in educational or government offices with heavy internet security, so the embed never really worked well for us.



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