[Solved] How to insert ID’s of panelists


I have followed the set up instructions about how to insert panelists ID for collecting additional surveys but I am not sure about how the original URL would be modified, since after selecting the option “URL Variable” from the display menu after clicking on INSERT MERGE CODE, the following text appears by default:

[url(“xxx”)] highlighted but the following steps for completing the ID’s insertion and verification are not very clear for basic users like us. Please explain the additional steps that need to be completed for inserting this ID’s. Many thanks in advanced.


Andrea Burgoa

SMGColomb asked

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    Hi Andrea!

    Setting up the URL variables in a panel survey can be quite tricky if you have not used them before, especially if you are new to merge codes as well. Take heart, they’re quite simple once you get to know them 🙂

    Where you see “xxx” in your merge code, you’ll want to place the name of the URL variable you wish to bring through. For example, if your panelist ID numbers are being stored in the variable “pid” (a common name), your merge code would be:


    I hope this helps to answer your question! Please feel free to add a comment if anything is still unclear.

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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