[Solved] How to increase star rating size (css)



I’m trying to increase rating stars size, but I cannot figure out the right css to do it. 

I run a survey in a tablet, and the stars are too small for people to click easily.

Could you share how to do it with me?



Luis N De Pau H387575 asked

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    Hi Luis! I am still learning my way around CSS and this doc has helped me change rating scale icons and I think you might be able to use this to help you enlarge your star rating scale. You can check that out here: Change Icons Inspecting element and just plain old trail and error will eventually get you the look you want. I find that I have too test and then test again, especially for mobile to get things just so. Also SG has some other cool resources for us to learn more. (I know I need them lol) You can find them in this doc CSS Class names

    I hope this helps and good luck!



    Anita Kaufen answered

      Thank a lot Anita!

      I’ll look trough it. 


      Have a lovely day!

      Luis N De Pau H387575 answered


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