How to implement Survey Gizmo in Angular 5


We are working on application which has front end in Angular 5 and API in .Net core. We have generated the web intercept link from Beacon and linked with one project (Survey).

The Angular application has only one <body> and the components are rendered within the <app-root>. We have pasted the script in Index.html just before </body>. In this way the Survey is available in all the pages. Our application started with Login page where survey doesn’t require to show.

We also want to show survey on different page on the bases of some conditions:

  1. The survey should be displayed when one process has been done.
  2. We have to show one question at a time and in next login we have to show subsequent unasked question. For E.g. we have 10 questions, user must get 1st question when he/she has completed one process. Next time, on the same process the 2nd question will be asked and so on till end of the questions.
  3. With the web intercept, can we pass some data (Custom data) to Survey gizmo like ID/Name of the user.


Q: How can we implement Survey gizmo in Angular application and how to show on the basis of specific conditions? 

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