[Solved] How to export excel report with contact names


Hello. We are new to your product and are unsure how to export an excel spreadsheet of results from one of our surveys, and have in the columns in the report the first name and last name information from the Contact Details section. Can someone tell us how to do that, please?

I have a 10 user company license, and have looked through the training videos and the community section, though I may have not used the correct terminology when searching.

Thank you,

Jordan Manchester


Jordan Manchester asked

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    When you go into reports/export there is a box that will pop up (image below) and select include

    Email invite….., you will then have all the information that you had for your campaign. This is good place to add additional custom fields (information you already have on hand) to enhance the data you receive from the survey respondent.



    Mary Mawhirter answered

      Thank you very much, Mary! I was able to export what I needed that way. I was looking in Results -> Reports, instead of Exports.


      Take care!

      Jordan Manchester answered


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