[Solved] How to enter in-person surveys at SurveyGizmo site


Don’t understand how to manually enter surveys collected in-person after logging into Survey Gizmo site?  Tried to follow your tutorials, just not clear enough, need some guidance please? Steps I followed, under Share tab, went to create new tracking link, customized the link itself by clicking Edit this link, as well as, the link name, clicked done, save link. This is the part that does not make sense to me:  “Once you create the link, you can highlight, right-click and copy the link to begin entering a response for each one of the in-person responses.”  ??



Carol Efird359912 asked

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    What that means is just to copy the link and paste it into your browser’s address bar so you can get into the survey and enter the data.

    Chad Wilco answered

      I usually bookmark my link for the survey too if I want to use it multiple times to put in written responses.

      Matthew Albie answered


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