[Solved] How to do a survey on site exit.


Hello Surveygizmo!

We would like to use a site intercept to ask the user accept to take part in a survey. This intercept could use the same logic as the normal site intercept but instead of taking the user to a survey it would just remember that the user accepted to take part in the survey.

When the user is leaving the site then the user should be prompted again to take the survey (if the user accepted, if they denied they will of course not be prompted).

How can I do this?

Regards Albert

Albert Bertilsson IR asked

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    Hi Albert!

    While Website Intercept is fairly flexible in terms of what logic may be set up (especially with Custom Data logic), altering the core behavior in this way is not possible via any built-in options.

    Accomplishing this behavior is likely possible, and I think would require fairly advanced javascript/web development skills. In general, interrupting a visitor as they leave a web page is fairly limited/restricted by web browsers.

    I hope this information helps you!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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