[Solved] How to display a title answer option in your survey


What is the correct code to display the option or title of an answer option in your survey, rather then the value itself.

I know the code [question(“value”), id=”1″] which will give you the answer value, but what if i want to show the option or title in your next survey question to the respondent.

I’ve trief [question(“option”), id=”1″] or [question(“title”), id=”11″] but none is working.

To further explain my question, suppose my first question is


Please select your mood:

Happy (value:1)
Sad (value:2)
Angry (value:3)

on the next page I want to begin my question “So you currently are <title>, why is that?”
And I don’t want to create 3 questions and use filters off course.

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    This is the merge code that you are looking for – [question(“value”), id=”n”] – where n = the question ID number of the first question.

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