[Solved] How to Disable the Data Cleaning Tool From Automatically Disqualifying People


First, a little background.

We are utilizing your system to prequalify respondents in our database for in-person focus groups and at home studies.  We just started using it, and are alarmed to see this happening.

Keeping that in mind, the Data Cleaning is Disqualifying people automatically even though they don’t meet the disqualifications that WE set.

‘One+ None’ rule.

We are asking a list of electronic products they might buy in the next 3 months.  Someone selects only one. You Disqualify him. We need that person.


Another question we are asking for the names and ages for the children in the household.

Someone put Dave for name, and 9 for age.  You disqualify them for gibberish.

‘One word answer’

Another question we ask what were the topics of studies they were part of in the past 6 months.

One person simply said ‘Smoking’ and you disqualify them.



In short, can you instruct me how to disable this feature?  We check data for accuracy by hand.

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    Emma 978 Rep.

    I don’t think SurveyGizmo will automatically disqualify respondents. It sounds like you have disqualification logic built in the build tab. Here’s an article on their data cleaning tool and disqualification logic. 

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