[Solved] How to design a shift to shift handover & patient audit that responders can answer, close and re-enter; as well as giving responder a % of answers completed message


Looking for the best way to structure this patient handover audit using Surveygizmo
As this audit has a number of questions with a number of patients – it cannot be done in one sitting. Even patient 1 may need to have information entered over a number of time periods.
So I need the survey to:

1. be able to be entered into, closed, opened and resume entering of data

2. to give the responder a percentage of questions completed reminder
(Visually by a bar graph if possible)

3. be structured so navigation through these question sets doesn’t require constant flicking between web pages

Any ideas appreciated


Quality338481 asked

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    Hi there – I can barely see your screenshot so I’m not sure how helpful I’ll be. I apologize in advance for that!

    1- You could just use Save and Continue or even an Email campaign. Both of these allow respondents to return to their same link.

    2- SurveyGizmo offers a page progress bar but not a percentage of questions completed.

    3- I’d probably need to know a little more about your survey to help out with that. Why would you have to change web pages? What do you think you wouldn’t be able to put in SurveyGizmo?

    Molly Hooper answered


      still looking for an answer to the 3rd question of this post. How do I structure this survey (see my post above) so it doesn’t require flicking between pages?

      I’d appreciate any help on this issue.



      Quality338481 answered
        • Hi Graeme,

          Thanks for using Community :)

          I see that you sent support a ticket following up on part 3 of your question. I’ve gone ahead and responded to that ticket and will be able to help out going forward!



        Hi Molly,

        thanks for the suggestions – I’ll follow them up shortly

        I’ve made the file bigger to show my issue – The audit works fine on paper but becomes a multi-page monster online…




        Quality338481 answered


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