[Solved] How to default setting of a Survey


Is there a way that I can default the setting for my surveys instead of, when i test every survey i have to go to the setting at the beginning and un-check the desired boxes in-order to test the efficiency of the survey. 

Albert Key asked

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    Hi Albert,

    Like Jacob, I’m not quite sure I fully understand your question.  Are you referring to the settings in the Preview mode?  If so, it’s not possible to set those settings as a default unfortunately.  You would need to check and un-check the desired boxes each time.

    Sometimes testing from the Style section is a better option because, in the Style section, the survey would behave, for the most part, the same way it would behave from the live link without having to adjust any settings.

    Tim – SurveyGizmo

    Tim - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hey Albert,

      Are you talking about Generating Test Responses?

      When I Generate Test Responses I usually set certain questions to “required”, to make sure they get selected, in case I have any question logic applied.

      Jacob Hayslett answered


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