How to customize summary reports for 87 people/answers of a drop down menu question



I was assigned to keep track of a survey that is sent out to evaluate 87 individuals.  I need to figure out how to run individual reports from the one survey.  I have 230 responses so far.  My notes say to delete unwanted responses from the individual responses but wont that permanently delete them?  I will need those responses for other summary reports. 

The first question is a drop down menu: Please select the person to be evaluated. (87 Names listed)

I will need to run 87 summary reports from the same survey.  The person who trained me is no longer employed and my notes seem to be spotty.  HELP!


Human Resources7197 asked

    Hi Seanalee,

    Unfortunately that doesn’t work for me.  The profile report also shows the comments for other people as well.  Each person is evaluated on a total of 22 questions.

    Thank you for your help,


    Human Resources7197 answered

      Hi, Debra!

      Thank you for the post!

      SurveyGizmo has the perfect report for you! It’s called a Profile Report. 

      This will generate a Summary report for every Response that is collected.

      Let me know what you think!

      Seanalee Flaherty
      Survey Princess & Customer Service Representative

      seanalee flaherty answered


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