[Solved] How to create a long file instead of wide?



Page one asks some basic info about the respondent and the next few pages are repeated based upon the number indicated in a question on page one. 


If a person enters 10 on the first page then the second page repeats 10 times. Thus when the data is exported out a question appearing on page 2 will be listed as 10 columns. The problem arises from the fact there will be a number of pages with questions being repeated and thus the number of variables in the excel export file will be huge.

What We Need:

Is there a way to make the repeated page to appear on a new row? Basically, with piping and repeating we are exporting a wide file and we want a long file instead. See below:

Division of Administrative Services asked

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    Hello! You’ve discovered the largest challenge in dealing with piped data – reporting on it!

    Thankfully, SurveyGizmo does offer an export specifically for repeated/piped questions or pages. This is the “Piped Data Export”, found in the Results > Exports section. It should export exactly as you are hoping 🙂


    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


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