[Solved] How to clear the sguid history


How do I clear the list of sguids that have been used while I am building/testing a survey?

Michael Schmidlkofer asked

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    Hi Michael,

    Two options that I know of:

    1. You can either duplicate the survey and start fresh.  Everything that you programmed will be the same.  
    2. You can submit a request to SurveyGizmo to “Permanently Delete Data”.  “In order to have your data permanently deleted, we require a written request asking to permanently remove all response data from our servers. This request must come from the account administrator. Please complete the below form.”   Here is an article that I just referenced: http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/delete-data. 



    Mary Panos Loy answered

      Deleting a response does not seem to work, as the survey will just produce an error as if it is trying to jump to the previous location of a response that no longer exists. In my case, I am using an employee id number as a password that is then passed as the sguid, so while I’m testing the functionality, I don’t want to have to create a new testing password every time a run through the survey from scratch.

      Michael Schmidlkofer answered

        Hi Michael,

        The only way I could imagine this is if you duplicate the survey or delete all previous responses.

        If this doesn’t help, would you mind providing a little more information?


        Jacob Hayslett answered


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