[Solved] How to calcultate BMI


Hello and happy new year,


I would like to use this script: https://script.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/calculate-bmi

The survey i have created is called: STOPBang Questionnaire

Unfortunately, the button “Calculate” doesn’t appear. 


For your information, the example survey “http://www.surveygizmo.com/s3/2040937/Calculate-BMI” works well.


thank you for your help!




tpthiangmailcom answered

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    As you can see, the button appear in “building mode” but not in “preview mode”.

    Jef Chevalier answered
      • I see Script Failed: Bad Script Syntax on your page. The script on the linked article is JavaScript not SurveyGizmo’s Custom Script. Remove the Custom Script Action and add the code as a ‘Java Script Action’

      • Yes! Ho my god. That was that mistake!


      Hey Jef, Are you going to the layout tab and unchecking to Automatically Verify and Fix HTML? That could be the issue if that button is checked. If it is, uncheck it and then paste it again.

      Lizzy Tekkel answered
        • Hello Lizzy,

          Unfortunately, it doesn’t work :/

          What is “strange” is that it appears in building mode :/

        • Hey there Jef – I think she was right, do you have a live link we can take a look at?


        Thank you all for your help!


        Now the link works. The button doesn’t appear like a button in preview mode but i can click on it.


        I guess it’s just a css issue?

        Jef Chevalier answered

          Hi Jef,

          I’m having the same problem here. Have you found a way to fix it?

          tpthiangmailcom answered

            You have to add the ‘Calculate’ button manually in a Text/Media field. Create a new Text/Media item and then expand the toolbar ribbon at the bottom of the entry area. You then need to click on the View Source button to get to the HTML view (see picture below). You can then insert the div elements referenced in the article:

             <div class=”calculate btn btn-primary”>Calculate</div><br /><div class=”bmi-total”></div>


            Brad Patton answered

              Hello Brad.


              Thank you for your help.


              I’ve tried it but the button still doesn’t appear :/

              Jef Chevalier answered


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