[Solved] How to build logic where an answer in current question is dependent on speciricif answer to previous question?


How to set up a logic, where if an answer to the previous question is n/a, then the answer to current question must be n/a (or something similar).

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    One way to do this is to just completely skip Question 2 if Question 1’s response is “n/a”, and just remember when looking at the survey responses that Question 2 will have no response when Question 1 was “n/a”.

    Another way to do this is to add logic to the individual answer options in Question 2 so that the invalid options are not shown when Question 1 is “n/a”. Just keep in mind that depending on who the audience is and how Question 2 is phrased, your users might find it silly that you’re asking them a question with only one possible answer.

    If you or someone on your team is comfortable with custom-scripting, you can combine both of the above tactics: Place a custom script in between Question 1 and Question 2 that checks the response of Question 1. If the response to Question 1 is “n/a”, then automatically set the value of Question 2 to “n/a” and skip it.

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