How to build a checkbox question of partly hidden options?


Hi, I’m new with surveygizmo and I’m building my first surveys here. I would like to build the following type of questions. What would be the most optimum way to build these questions?

  1. NPS question
  2. detractors + passives would see this: 

    Thank you for your score. Please let us know which areas should have the highest priority to improve.

    Select all that apply.

    • 1st option 1
      • 2nd option 1
      • 2nd option 2
    • 1st option 2
    • 1st option 3
    • 1st option 4
      • 2nd option 3
      • 2nd option 4
    • Other, please specify: (open)

I would like to implement that checkbox question so that those 2nd level options would be shown only if customer chooses the 1st level option.

So, how this should be implemented? Or does that need to be split into several questions?


Thank you very much for your support already.


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Dominic Sharpe answered

    Hi Tiina,

    Looking at your scenario, you will likely want to use Question Logic. Question logic allows you to trigger questions in your survey based on answers to previous questions (or other conditions).

    Here are the setup instructions:

    There is not an option to trigger second level answer options within the same question. You would likely want to restructure this as multiple questions and use the above question logic.

    There is a feature to trigger specific answer options based on previous questions:

    I just wanted to point it out in case it is something that you can make work for your use-case.

    Hope this helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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