[Solved] How to avoid getting “You don’t have access to this project. Contact your account administrator for details.”


I’m the account administrator. I have email alerts delivered to me when new surveys are logged. When I click on the link in the alert email to view the response, I get the message “

You don’t have access to this project. Contact your account administrator for details.

What setting have I missed that would allow me to see the results as designed? I currently log in and go to the individual results page and open the survey there. It would appear that an easier way to the end result exists and I haven’t discovered it

Thanks for your help.

Peter Adams asked

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    That message is confusing, because it sounds like it’s telling you that you don’t have access to the project, but you can still access the results somehow.  I know one possibility is even though you’re an account administrator, you might have a role that limits your rights on that particular project.  To check your rights, go to Account > User Management > Teams.  Then click on the the Team that owns the survey in question.   Go to the Members tab, and make sure you’re on the Team and see what your Role is.   Editor would allow you full access.  But if you’re a Publisher, you’d have access to the Results, but not the Build section of that project.

    If you’re an Editor on the team and that project belongs to a team that you’re on, and  you still get that message, I would have Survey Gizmo Support look at the Survey.


    Hope this helps!

    Sheila Bloom answered


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