How to ask “Are you Sure” before continuing to next question


I have a survey with some unlikely options.  If a user clicks on one of these options, I want to ask them to confirm their response before moving to the next question.  Is that possible?

Amy Louton asked

    You would not be able to do this within the question itself. You can validate a response so that it is accepted or rejected according to specific formatting requirements, but you can’t evaluate the response itself.

    If the question is a radio-button type question, you could use logic to setup a followup question that would appear immediately when the respondent selects the triggering option.

    If the question is a checkbox-type question, you can also use logic to setup a followup question, but it would have to appear on the following page (answers to checkbox questions are not evaluated until the respondent hots the NEXT button).

    Jim W (Moderator) answered

      Moderator:  How would this work with an open-ended question?  We have asked for house numbers for addresses in the UK.  They are usually only 4 numbers, however, with letters and characters can be longer.  If they are over 4 characters long, we want to be able to ask them if they are sure.  Is this possible?

      Amy Louton answered
        • Hi Amy
          It would take custom scripting to accomplish this task. I don’t know about your time or budget constraints, but unless this question is absolutely vital to your survey then I believe that developing this type of script would quickly put you over the point of diminishing returns.
          Sometimes you just have to trust your respondents and hope for the best. I would like to think that most people can enter their home addresses correctly.



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