[Solved] how to allow someone to retake a survey?


We have a survey that is setup to only allow the person to take a survey once. The person took the survey and realized they did something wrong. How can we delete their erroneous survey and allow them to take it again?

Ira asked

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    Hey Ira –

    This really depends on how the survey was distributed initially. If you used an email campaign, I find the following steps to be the easiest…

    1. Locate and delete this response data from the ‘Individual Responses’ tab
    2. Copy the existing campaign under the ‘Share’ tab
    3. Upload the contact in question as the only contact within this new copied campaign
    4. Send them a new link to complete the survey

    If you simply used duplicate protection, you can simply instruct the respondent in question to clear the cookies/cache of their browser and try the same link again.

    I hope that helps!

    Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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