[Solved] How to allow respondents to move to subsequent page without answering required questions?


Dear Survey Gizmo

Is it possible for repsondents to be allowed to preview the entire survey (ie progressing to subsequent pages without answering required questions) before they answer the questions? But also make sure that they cannot submit the survey at the end (before the thank you page) without answering all required questions? 


Thank you

jacquelinengmudskipperbiz asked

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    I think that your best course of action would be to provide your respondents with a hardcopy of the survey that they can review before they click on the survey link.  You can get details on this in the Documentation section – http://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/print-a-paper-survey.

    Another alternative would be to copy your survey, remove all of the “required” settings, and allow respondents to use the copy for review purposes.

    I would be afraid that that if you let respondents take a practice run through the survey and then return to enter their responses your response data will be seriously compromised.


    Jim Wetherill answered

      Hi Jim. Thanks for the answer. I think I will provide a PDF copy of the full survey as a downloadable link on the first page and explain that they are able to download and preview before answering. 


      Thank you!

      jacquelinengmudskipperbiz answered


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