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How do i add a logo to the top of the site? We have one up there now but need to add another one.

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    The HTML template for SurveyGizmo allows for only one logo.  See the appropriate section (<img>) of the HTML template below:

    <div class=”sg-header”>
    <div class=”sg-header-hook-1″></div>
    <img class=”sg-header-image” src=”[template(“header image url”)]” alt=”[template(“header image text”)]”/>

    [template(“survey title”)]

    <div class=”sg-header-hook-2″></div>

    There are at least two workarounds:

    • Use a graphic editor to combine your two logos into one graphic file. Upload it to SurveyGizmo and use it as your logo.
    • Load both files to SurveyGizmo. Then replace the existing <img> tag with your own customized HTML code.
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      • How do I use a graphic editor to combine the logos?

      • Sorry for the late response – there is no short answer to your question. It depends on what editor you have available. There are several that would do the job (GIMP, PhotoShop, Illustrator) and each would require a slightly different process.



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