[Solved] how is survey with responses already affected by adding another choice to a question


we might need to add a choice to one of our questions which has already generated over 1,700 responses, what is the impact if we add another choice to the first question, will we still have the original responses and then the going forward respondents will have a different choice to choose from? 

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    Awesome question! Thanks for the post!

    Thinking this one over, I gave myself a possible scenario that may be helpful in your case:)

    If I asked the question, which ice cream flavor would you prefer.

    My answer options are strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla. Let’s say I collect 1,700 responses and realize I want to know what my future respondents think of cookie dough, so I add it. Let’s pretend I have 2,700 responses now and I close my survey. When it comes to my data collection, I am going to want to filter the first 1,700 responses, analyze my data, then filter in the specific response IDs for the next 1,000.

    When it comes to those 1,700 legacy responses, it may be a good idea to filter those response IDs so you can look at the question before the answer option was added. This way, you can take a look at your data before and then after the answer option was added.

    Adding the extra answer option will allow you to collect the data you need on that answer option, so by all means, if adding it is important, do it! It’s never ideal, but it is totally understandable.

    I hope this helps:)

    Take care:)


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