[Solved] How is everyone using the Marketing Success Rate Statistics?


I’m really interested in using the Marketing success rates and I found this helpful article:  https://help.surveygizmo.com/help/article/link/results-overview.  The only issue is that we send reminders and Thank-yous, so each individual potentially gets 4 emails, and each of those emails count as a sent survey.   If I sent a survey to 100 people and 25 answered, my response rate should be 25%, but if all of those people didn’t answer until the 3rd reminder, Survey Gizmo calculates the response rate as 24/400 = 6.3%.    So, for now we’re figuring it manually with the send status export, but I’m curious to see if anyone is using this stat and how they use it.


Thank you!

Sheila Bloom asked

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    Katie 178 Rep.

    I would find Marketing success rate stat more useful if it was based only on the invitation email/gave the overall % of people responding to the survey (rather than being based on click throughs for every email generated including reminders).  

    I can see that both are potentially useful stats, but personally I’m more interested in the overall % of people launching the survey.  That said, I can extract the data from an export so it’s not really a big issue.


    Katie answered
      • Katie, thanks so much for the feedback. I export the data as well and just look at the number of initial sends – bounces to figure our response rate, but I was worried I was missing an important statistic there.


      I look at it every once in a while just to get kind of an idea of what the click rate is for all of my emails.  You’re right, it doesn’t take into account invites vs. reminders vs. thank you emails, it just combines it all into one big number of emails sent and gives the number of clicks for all of them.  I find it helpful just to get a very generic idea of how much my emails are being ignored by my recipients.  I think if you want the more specific and accurate numbers that you’re looking for, figuring it manually is probably your better option.

      Chad Wilco answered
        • Thanks so much for the feedback. I was really curious if there was another type of response out there that people were using. Thank you!



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