[Solved] How does Surveygizmo deal with Out of Office style auto-responses?


Recently my organisation sent out a survey to several thousand clients. One of the things we expected on the initial mail out, among other replies like questions about our survey, is a number of Out of Office auto-responses. So far we’ve received only 2 of these which seems out of step with the scale of the survey.

Does surveygizmo attempt to filter these auto-respones before they reach the inbox of the employee handling replies? Or were we just very lucky?

Matt Lindsay asked

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    Sounds like you may just be lucky – the out of office messages are essentially automatic replies that will be sent to the ‘reply to’ or ‘from’ address of the email campaign (if you have overwritten the default SurveyGizmo address, these auto replies would go to the address you specified).

    I’m not entirely sure if there is a way to filter these messages and even if there is, don’t think SurveyGizmo would be doing that…

    The other thing that I just thought of is that since the auto replies are coming from the intended survey recipient to you (perhaps SurveyGizmo has no control over this anyway as at this point the communication is between the recipient’s and your email clients)

    Hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered


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