[Solved] How do you stop the survey from jumping to the next question automatically?


When creating a multiple choice question or a likert scale question, the survey automatically jumps to the next question when an answer is selected. Is there a way to disable that function and force the user to click the next button after answering the question?

yehonatan answered

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    It sounds like you’re using a one-at-a-time interaction. If you go to Style>Customize Theme>Interactions you’ll be able to change that interaction to Standard. Standard requires them to enter a selection and then hit next. Cheers!

    Molly Hooper answered

      you might have the under the page/logic and see if you have check to automatically submit checked

      Mary Mawhirter answered

        How I can solve it if I need one-at-a-time interaction?

        Lola Gill commented

          Cannot find menu “Customize theme>Interactions”!? 

          strasser90 answered


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