[Solved] How do you set up drag and drop SORTING?


Survey Gizmo has a question type for drag and drop ranking but is there an option (or work-around) for drag and drop sorting – show the respondent three bins and have them drag statements into one of them?

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    • I really really wish this were an option too!

    • I second and third this motion. I actually thought this option existed but had it confused with a competitor survey program. 🙁 Survey Gizmo, if you’re reading this, please create a standard card sorting question type!

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    SurveyGizmo has now released three new question types that allow for drag and drop sorting. These are as follows:

    Grouping (Closed Card Sort):


    Grouping (Open Card Sort):


    Quick Sort:



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      This sounds like you are looking for a Card Sort type functionality… as far as I know, there is not an active core question like this…

      I know SurveyGizmo opens up the ability to design your own custom questions here (looks like it’s available for Pro and Enterprise accounts):


      This does require that you have access to a Developer on your team (or perhaps a third party)

      Hope that helps!

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