[Solved] How do you randomize pages, so that half of respondents get one page, and half get the other?


I saw documentation on how to randomize questions on a page, and how to randomize the order of pages.  However, I need to add another layer to this, so that half of my respondents see one question (or page) and the other half see the other question (or page).  I’d also want the ability to do that with 3 different questions, where a random 1/3 got the first question, 1/3 the second, and 1/3 the third.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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    Try the A/B split testing.  Don’t be confused by this wording, it is also known as “Percent Branch”.  This should work for you.  Sgizmo help link below:


    Basically you will have to assign branches manually by picking which questions, in the whole survey, to show/hide.  Not too hard if it’s a short survey.  Test it a lot, but it’s a pretty good tool once you get comfortable with it.

    Open your survey and select “action”
    When the action dialgoue box opens select “Percent Branch”
    “Save action and edit” button on the bottom

    A new dialogue box opens and it will default to “Branch A” and send 100% of respondents down this branch
    >> Select the percent you want to send down “Branch A”
    >> select the questions you want to “hide” or “show” for “Branch A”

    “Add” “Branch B”, etc etc etc
    >> Select the percent you want to send down “Branch B”
    >> select the questions you want to “hide” or “show” for “Branch B”

    “Add” “Branch C”, etc etc etc

    Click the “Save Action” button… Make sure you do this or you will lose all your work.

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      I believe it will work the way you want it to.  Randomize what you want, and then send a percentage of respondents down the path.  It should work.  Manually test it — Take the survey a billion times. 

      Good luck. 

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        Thank you!  Will this percent branch functionality show the questions to respondents in a randomized way?


        Thanks for your help, DBoone!

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