How do you get Skip Logic to stay with a Page?


I’m trying to implement the programming suggested here ( to have survey takers only get a single page or questions at random out of 12 possible pages.


I’m confused about where to put the Skip;Disqualify Logic. The instructions below say to add it to the page but S/DL seems to be something between pages? How do I know that in the randomization, the right S/DL logic will stay with the right page?




5. Now for the slightly confusing part, you need to add Skip/Disqualify Logic to whatever is currently the last follow-up page in the builder (D, if you created them in order), and set the logic to “if A-viewed is answered – OR – if B-viewed is answered – OR – if C-viewed is answered“, and then set the logic to send survey respondents to the next page after your four follow-up pages (in this case, it’s our Thank You page).

joe asked

    Hi Joe,

    Does this write up help out, seems like it does what you are looking for.

    Jacob Hayslett answered


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