[Solved] How do we add an incentive to our survey?


We want to send our survey to our online mailing list and offer a voucher code on our site for recipients who complete the survey. We’d also like to mark the email addresses of recipients who take the survey so we can segment this data. 

I’m not sure how to do this from a technical point of view?


matt90 asked

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    Hi Matt! The Email Campaign feature will probably be the easiest way to accomplish your goal.


    With an Email Campaign, respondents are automatically tracked and identified, so you know who has taken your survey and who has not (or who has finished and who is only partially done).

    A voucher code could be uploaded as Contact Data, and displayed on the Thank You page using a merge code.


    I hope this helps!

    Nathan - Survey Astronaut answered


      Survey incentives are certainly valuable in terms of increasing response rates and rewarding customers for participating in your survey.

      You may want to consider using txtMovies.com as a survey incentive. http://www.txtmovies.com/surveyincentives.html

      You can use the SurveyGizmo re-direct to a URL feature at the end of your survey to redirect your respondents to a survey incentive landing page that txtMovies provides.  On the txtMovies landing page, your users can then receive either a Redbox or Amazon digital eGift code via email or text message.

      Digital eGift codes start at only $2.49 for a 1 night Redbox movie rental. txtMovies is a SurveyGizmo customer.

      One of the strategies that txtMovies survey incentive customers use is to tell respondents that the first 100 or XXX respondents to take the survey will receive the eGift code. 

      That typically will help drive responses faster. Here’s a client who did exactly as described above.  


      Transonic answered


        We have a similar situation and we need an urgent answer, please.


        Out survey link is public, we have it printed on posters  and also online and we need to show a unique voucher code at the end of the survey. So, we dont send emails to known contacts.


        This unique voucher code is conditioned by the answer from a previous question. For example, if you visited the x store you see the a unique voucher from x store. If you visited the y store you see a unique voucher code from y store. 


        How can we doo this ?


        Thank you, 

        Dan Chirita

        Executive Research 

        iSense Solutions



        Dan Chirita answered


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