[Solved] How do participants edit their exam answers when it is partially completed?


We are sending an exam through a campaign email.  We need each participant to be able to go back in and edit their answers for a specified time period.  What settings do we need to select in order to allow the edits?

Aimee Siegel asked

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    If you are using a SurveyGizmo Email Campaign, you do not need to adjust any settings – the default settings for an email campaign allow for respondents to simply click on the original link they received in their email message and that link will take them back into their survey.

    I hope that helps!

    Dominic Sharpe answered

      Thanks!  I guess I was getting confused between the save and continue setting where they could only return and pick up where they left off and/or allowing them to go back to previous questions they had completed and edit there responses.



      Aimee Siegel answered


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