[Solved] How do I stop Email Actions from repeating on the same survey record


In my survey I have set up an email action.  The email action keeps repeating itself everyday, sending multiple emails out for the same contact.  How can i stop this.  the survey is closed and the email action is still sending emails everyday.

The survey I am talking about is HRO Pulse Check Survey  – September 2015 


If you click on any of the individual responses and go into Action Log, scroll down to the bottom where you will see the email actions, you will see all the times that email action has been sent and I only wanted it to go the once.

Can you fix this please.  the survey is closed so not sure how to prevent the emails from still going out.

Penelope Hindson asked

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    Hi Penelope,

    Thanks for posting! We actually sent out a release yesterday that I believe should have addressed this issue.

    In the event that you see this again, could you send an email over to us at support@sgizmo.com with the details of the problem and we can jump in to take a look.



    Chris - SurveyGizmo answered

      Was it a bug in the tool or the way I set the Email Action up?  Just want to make sure this doesn’t happen on other survey’s I have created.

      Penelope Hindson answered


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