[Solved] How do I share individual survey responses with my sites?


Hi, I’m a newbie, just signed up.  Have managed to create my first survey



and the next step is to create a link to the survey in automated emails that go out to our clients via our software provider.  So far so good.

Prior to moving to survey gizmo, our existing survey provider had an auto response function so that if we had any adverse comments, the individual response was sent through to the site to action quickly (and copied to me)


Is there anything similar I can do with SG?  I can see I can get a survey response notification but that doesn’t show me the individual survey response.    Appreciate some guidance on this one!





josie.swan asked

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    Hey Josie! It sounds like you just need an email action with some logic. I added some links below that might be helpful. 🙂



    I hope that’s what you’re looking for! 🙂

    Molly Hooper answered


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