How do I set up a question with two columns, and two rows with different answers?


I would like to set up a question that asks respondents to include a list of companies, and then to rate each one against two sets of criteria 1-5. I can’t seem to set up two different responses in rows. 






1 Non-Existent to 5 Heavily Engaged

1 Openly Hostile to 5 Very Positive and Supportive










Jon Murth asked

    You could set it up as 2 questions and use piping for the second question which will pull in the text information.

    I would suggest if you are able is to provide a list of Auto Suggest for the list of companies. (found under the Validation tab). This will make your back-end data much cleaner.

    If you are comfortable with some HTML/CSS scripting you could create 2 question but float them to be side by side and look like 1 question.

    Mary M (Moderator) answered


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