How do I set the maximum answer limit for a radio grid button question?


I have created a radio grid button question. I have given 12 options of which I want 5 ranked on a scale of 1-5. I see that there is a minimum setting but no maximum. Is there a way to offer 12 options but set a max that only 5 of the options are chosen?

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    Hey There –

    In this scenario, I would suggest using our Ranking Grid Question Type. You can learn more about it here…


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      • Following up on this question – it appears the answer provided by Justin – Technical Zen Master on 2/3/16 does not solve the requester’s issue, which is almost identical to ours. If we find another post that answers this question, in principle, we will update but so far no such solution.

        Following the prescribed linked solution from Justin creates a 12×12 grid (so items may be ranked 1-12 not ranked 1-5, as the questioner asked, and not limited to 5 ranked items).

        To clarify: the questioner was asking for help to create a 12×5 grid – in other words 12 items, of which are to be “ranked on a scale of 1-5.”

        Can you please revisit this question and revise the original response (and delete this follow up in curation) or suggest a response to solve the requested 12×5¬†ranking grid (12 items, for which only 5 should be ranked – not rated – from 1-5)

        Thank you.

      • Hi there,

        My apologies for the trouble!

        You are correct in that the suggested solution does create a 12 x 12 grid where all twelve rows may be ranked 1-12, instead of 1-5.

        In order to only allow 5 of the 12 items to be ranked when using the Ranking Grid question is to apply validation to the question. To do so:

        1. Edit the Ranking Grid question.
        2. Click on the Validation tab.
        3. In the ‘Limit answers to’ field, input the number 5.
        4. Save the question.

        This will result in a grid that has twelve rows and five columns (thus allowing only five items to be ranked).

        I hope this helps!

        David Domagalski
        Technical Writer | Customer Experience
        SurveyGizmo |



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