How do I run a summary report that gives me everything everyone said about each person in my survey?


Hello šŸ™‚

I have a survey in which I posed 8 rating questions (1-5 scale), and 1 open ended question for a team to rate 5-10 of their colleagues. I am curious how I can run a basic report that shows me what feedback everyone said about one person, for each of the people on my list.. I hope that made sense but it is a pretty simple report!

Sarah Lindquist asked

    Hey Sarah,

    So if the survey is already over, this may not help you unless you have another survey planned likeĀ this.Ā 

    If I were at the beginning and I wanted to do this, I would have plannedĀ some way to filter the survey or tie a value to the respondents name.Ā 

    In great detail I would have –

    1. Had theĀ respondentsĀ name on a dropdown list
    2. Built a “Custom Script” thatĀ evaluated the dropdown list and tied a “Hidden Value” to who was evaluated.
    3. Built reporting that split out each response on a separate page and had all the evaluation information at the top. – This can include even more information, I have done a survey that breaks everything down (name,position,department etc.) for clean reporting.

    If this is your first time building a survey it would help to have a small web programming background to perform the Custom Script.Ā 

    Jacob Hayslett answered

      Hi Sarah,

      I am interested in your question but not fully understanding it.

      The only thing I am thinking is you would have to run separate reports per person with a filter and then compiling them into one survey. (Labor intensive)

      If you could provide any more context that would be great.


      Jacob Hayslett answered
        • Hello Jacob!

          I should probably start out by mentioning that I am brand new to survey gizmo and had no idea my question was public šŸ™‚ However, I have a survey that I created in which I had a list of 30 people that had to answer a series of 8 questions that required an answer on a 5 point scale. The purpose of the survey was for team members to rate their teammates. This survey was sent out to those 30 people and I was curious how I would go about creating a report that shows me what each person said about each of their peers they selected on the list. I hope this makes sense. I am appreciative of your help! Please let me know if you have any further questions.



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