[Solved] How do I repeat the same question looping through several options?


I have a single select question (radio button) of “How much do you like this?” with 5 answer options.

I would like it to cycle through, in a random order, 20 different messages/concepts, asking that same question for each one.


Thank you

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    Hi Steve,

    If I’m understanding you correctly you have, say, a question “how much do you like this thing?” and then you have 20 different pictures of things to ask that question about?

    If this is the case you’ll want to actually create a separate question for each thing, and then put both the thing and the question on one page together. You can then randomize the pages so they show in different orders.
    The reason you want a separate question for each image is that otherwise your data will be quite useless as you won’t know what the respondent is rating. By connecting them and then randomizing the pages you’ll still be able to tell what they were looking at.



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