[Solved] how do i remove an image in the header


I can’t find the answer to this simple question.  If I’ve added an image to the header of the project, how do I remove it?

Steven Di Pill asked

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    Hi Steven,

    I’m happy to say we also added a portion to the Header Image document to make it clearer as to how to remove a header image in the future.  Here’s that link for everybody:


    Topper Shull answered

      Thanks.  I don’t see anywhere on that page where it explains how to remove, only to add….

      Steven Di Pill answered
        • Hi Steven, not sure if you figured this out already, but there should be a thumbnail image that says “No Image” that you can click and that should remove the header image from your theme.


        Hey Steven – You can remove the header image by selecting to do so under the ‘Style’ tab. Then, by choosing the ‘Colors & Images’ tab. From there you can toggle the display of the header image on/off.

        Learn more about this process by checking out the appropriate help documentation here!


        Justin - Technical Zen Master answered


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