[Solved] How do I pre-populate a survey question with a list of items for single respondent?


I have a premier account. We are developing a survey which we will pre-populate from a CSV. For one of the questions we have a list of items that we’d like each survey taker to review and correct. How do I pre-populate the survey with the list of items?

I’d appreciate your help!! Thanks.

cheryl.latouche asked

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    Hi Cheryl,

    In general, survey pre-population is used to pre-fill answers to survey questions based on either respondent email address or a password.

    We have pre-population methods documented here:


    I am not sure if any of the items in the above article help you solve your problem, but if not feel free to let us know! We may need a little more detail as to your specific use case to offer a suggestion.

    Thank you!

    David – Survey Explorer

    Admin - SurveyGizmo answered

      Hi Cheryl,

      The only experience I have with SurveyGizmo and CSV’s is utilizing them for Cascading Dropdowns. Where do you plan on hosting the csv and what type of programming are you going to leverage to perform this?

      If you are uncertain and trying to get those answers, I would also be interested in seeing how others have done it.

      Jacob Hayslett answered


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