[Solved] How do I pass the SessionID parameter?


SurveyGizmo assigns each respondent a SessionID variable.  How do I automatically have the SessionID variable passed when being redirected to another URL?

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    This should work:

    When you’re testing, be sure to test using the Test or Share links; session IDs aren’t available in Preview or Style.

    If that still doesn’t work, see if your survey is all contained on one page, or if it has multiple pages; this may not work if your survey is all on one page, but when I tested, it definitely works on a multi-page survey where the redirect is not on page 1.

    qc answered
      qc 560 Rep.

      You can create a Hidden Value on your survey and set the value of it to the SessionID. Then include that Hidden Value on your List of Fields To Pass in your Redirect Action.

      qc answered
        • Thank you.

          Ok. So the first page is Hidden Value Action where I “Populate with the following” [survey(“session id”)]

          Now I want to redirect the respondent to a new website http://www.othersite.com and I want their SessionID appended so it will be http://www.othersite.com?SessionID=xxxxxx

          In the redirect logic it asks for a URL Variable and Variable Name. I put in “SessionID” for both but when it redirects to the site it is not passing that variable. I am not sure what I am missing though



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