How do i pass multiple variable/value pairs in tokenvariables in RestAPI when setting up a campaign


I am trying to use token variables for campaigns created via the RESTAPI, I have been unsuccessful in putting multiple variable/value pairs.




Whats the correct syntax for having more than one token variable specified in the API call.

services answered

    I am encountering an issue with this as well. First, the v5 version of the Survey Campaign object¬†shows the syntax as `var%3Dvalue%26var2%3d=value`. Despite passing this as the token_variable, the token_variable remains set to null. All of the other values passed in the script work, so not sure why this one isn’t. For reference, here is the complete call I am using:


    services answered

      I’m not exactly certain if I follow, but the link you referenced shows an example: Link Name

      Note that each variable/value pair looks something like this type=link or name=New Link Name. Each additional variable/value pair is separated by an &

      I’m not sure if that is the answer you are looking for, but hopefully this helps.

      Dominic Sharpe answered


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