[Solved] How do I make the pie chart responses correlate with rating scale?


I have taken over the survey’s for our department and received little to no training.  The previous person’s reports shows a pie chart of the percentage for each response.  For instance, Occasionally 7.7%, Often 7.7%, Usually 7.7%, Almost Always 76.9%.

My report shows a pie chart with percentages but it doesn’t have the titles like Occasionally, Often, etc.  Instead if shows 9 – 7.1%, 10 – 7.1%, 11 – 7.1%, 16 – 7.1 %.

How can I get it to show the same values as the old reports?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you

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    I believe I just spoke to you on chat. :) I thought I’d go ahead and respond on here in case this information could be helpful in the future to other users. The difference was that the year prior a likert scale was used as the question. This years question was a slider scale. These questions report differently.

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      It looks like you have submitted a ticket to our Support Heroes and we will be responding there as we will need to look at your survey specifically to advise best!

      You should see an email soon!

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