How do I make sure body text of test version of survey uses same font type and size that I have saved?


I have selected and saved a font size and style for body text but when I trying testing the survey on the manual option the test version shows a different font and size

jon90 asked

    I thought I’d chime in here! I’ve had a problem where I’ve copied and pasted HTML into my survey on accident so my font size or font style will sometimes be off. Here’s a related article:

    Hope that helps!

    Lizzy Tekkel answered

      Hi, Jon!
      Thanks for the post! I went into your account and saw the font that you applied to your survey. Everything is reflecting properly in live link.

      It may be a good idea to try the survey link in another browser to make sure we aren’t experiencing a caching issue. Does it look like it should in another browser?



      Survey Princess

      seanalee flaherty answered


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