[Solved] How do I make piped questions look neat?



I want to pipe answers from previous questions into later questions, but the formatting doesn’t work. For example, at the start of the survey I ask if they have done any of these things and they can select all that apply. 


Then, later, I remind them of the answers they selected here at the start of new questions. But the formatting means that in that first question they select the top checkbox and the last one, it comes out like this, with gaps in between:


Is there a way to make it neater, or part of a sentence? E.g. so it says ‘Think about the social action you’ve done in the past 12 months – fundraising or a sponsored event, and supporting other people who aren’t friends or relatives’, or so that there aren’t gaps between the piped sentences?






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    I think you are on the right track, I would suggest reviewing the following document:


    I think you will have better luck using the overall question merge code, rather than the merge codes for the individual answer options.

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