How do I include complete quiz questions and ALL ANSWERS in the PDF output and/or end of quiz web display?


I’m currently getting just my answer in the PDF.  I’d like to see all four of the multiple choices AND the correct answer.  survey link removed by Moderator.

thank you,


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    Jim… thank you… Yes, I’ve tried pretty much every combination of choices… in no case can I have the Quiz question AND all the original multiple choice options appear… Bob

    Bob Chaput answered

      It depends on what ACTION you use to generate the pdf.  If you use the REVIEW ACTION, the options on what to include within the PDFare under the PRIMARY SETUP tab (see below):


      If you use an EMAIL ACTION, you have to open the ADVANCED tab and select ATTACH A PDF REVIEW. The options on what to include will then appear below.

      Jim W (Moderator) answered


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