[Solved] How do I hide the Statistics and table below my vertical bar graph?


I’m sure I’m missing an easy switch here.  I simply want to display my vertical Bar Chart, and to have 8 options, with all other lumped together after the first 7 are listed.  But, I cannot find the way to hide the statistics and super long bar graph that is under every vertical bar chart in my reports.  I found the option to “Hide all Charts” in the Report set-up, but that hides the Vertical Bar Chart, which is what I think looks better.  These are making the reports much longer than necessary and it does not look professional at all.


Thanks for your help!

Sheila Bloom asked

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    Hi, Sheila!

    Great question!

    When you are in your report, select “Customize Report” then select “Options” and uncheck “Show summary tables”.

    This will get rid of that table;)

    I hope this helps!

    Survey Princess

    seanalee flaherty answered


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