[Solved] How do I hide my first page but still run the Hidden Value Action?


I have 2 variables: “personID” and “status”

My first page is a Hidden Value Action that has the “personID” being stored to pass.  I also have a logic that checks to see if the “status” is equal to 1.  The “status” variable gets appended in the middle of the survey.

How do I hide my first page from being seen but still have it pass the “personID” and check the logic for the “status” variable?  If check off Admin Only, those scripts don’t run.  If I don’t select Admin Only, people are shown a blank screen with a continue button.



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    I think what you’re looking for is the “Automatically submit the page, running all actions and custom scripts” option, which is on the Logic tab.

    qc answered


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